All appointments are typically scheduled in advance either by the patients or the referring physicians contacting our Truesdale Clinic office. Office hours are 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Fridays. Our office staff will find the most convenient time and office location to meet the patient's and surgeon's schedule. Please insure that you bring your health insurance information and a listing of the current medications you may be taking. It is up to our patients to insure any referrals have been obtained proior to your scheduled service.


  • On your first consultation, a support team member will take your insurance and any doctor referral form. Please select the link below to visit our patient portal prior to your arrival. Once at the patient portal, select My Profile tab, you can complete the profile section to reduce the registration process once you arrive at our office for your initial consultation.
    Truesdale Surgical Health Portal
  • One of our surgeons will examine you, discuss your problem with you and consider any information from your referring physician
  • The surgeon may order diagnostic imaging at this time and then review results with you
  • From here, your surgeon will offer a diagnosis and discuss a surgical treatment plan with you
  • With your approval, a support team member will then schedule any follow-up procedures, schedule your surgery and provide instructions to prepare for your surgery
  • The support team member will work with your health insurance provider to arrange coverage and explain costs to you, including any out-of-pocket expenses
  • Our office will work on your behalf to obtain the best insurance coverage possible